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18 May 04

In regards to comment spam (which I take as a measure of my increasing popularity by the way) I was thinking about installing MT version 3, which includes a comment registration feature… Looks like you might have to get used to it anyway, because one Typekey account will be good for all MT blogs apparently.

What do people think about this? Should I install it, or will you just do your usual and complain a lot?

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Tuesday at 09:44 PM

PLEASE stay anonymous. I promise to be good, you won’t have to ask me to leave or delete all my posts, I’ll be ever so good…

Posted by at May 18, 2004 10:03 PM

Apparently the system would still allow you to remain anonymous (assuming the individual site allowed it), you would just have to register once before you could post. I don’t know what would happen with logging in though, I know for sure I probably couldn’t be bothered posting somewhere like this if I had to log in each time…!

I’m looking at other solutions too, so I’ll only upgrade if there are actually benefits (not like me I know, but I’m thinking of my fans here…)

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! wipes tear from eye

Posted by Alex Turnbull at May 18, 2004 10:23 PM

Hey Alex! How goes??

Why don’t you use MTBlacklist? It’s simple to install and only takes 2 minutes to wipe out all spam. ps

are you going to Mr Scruff on Friday?


Posted by at May 19, 2004 05:43 PM

Hey Lel :-)

Yeah I saw MTBlacklist, but I wasn’t sure if it would work with MT3… Have yet to get round to actually finding out ;-)

As for Mr Scruff, I did see the flyer and go ‘Oooh!’ but I’ve yet to convince anyone else that it will be as good as i think it’ll be!

Posted by Alex Turnbull at May 19, 2004 08:55 PM

Seems that Mt Blacklist is not compatible with MT3. Lel

Posted by Lel at May 20, 2004 02:04 PM

Thanks Lel, The site you linked to decided to redesign today though. I found the link eventually though. :-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull at May 20, 2004 07:11 PM
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