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Zelda anyone?

18 Jun 04

This new Zelda game looks really cool. Its a four player Gamecube game, and you each need a Gameboy Advance to use as a controller! Crazy I know, but…

When you duck into a building or enter a dungeon, your character disappears from the [television] screen and appears on your GBA. At that point, you’re free to run around, either trying to advance the quest or just sucking up all the treasure, depending on your temperament.

How cool? (Read the article for the full coolness) I’m a firm believer in Nintendo’s strategy actually, which is that instead of trying to create the most realistic graphics ever seen, games should actually be fun.

Huh. These days, who would have known?

However that doesn’t help me with the fact that A) I’m the only person I know with a GameCube, and B) I haven’t got a Gameboy Advance…

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Friday at 01:10 AM

Lie! When that waster Goose jacks off and leaves the country I inherit a ‘Cube. Then we shall swap games and I shall defeat you at all those you claim to be master of!

Mwah-hahahaha! The gauntlet has been thrown!

Posted by Rus at June 21, 2004 10:38 AM

Gauntlet duly picked up and slapped across your face in acknowledgement of your challenge!

I look forward to wiping the virtual arena floor with your virtual entrails!

Posted by Alex Turnbull at June 22, 2004 10:07 PM
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