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December 2003

Web Design

29 Dec 03

The web design page is shaping up nicely, still no real content, but I'm getting there ;-)

I've had enough for today, so I'm off to watch Terminator 3, laters.

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Monday at 11:25 PM
December 2003 image
December 2003


29 Dec 03

I'm now starting to add some actual genuine content! Woo! I'm starting with my web design work, I'll let you know when it's ready.

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Monday at 04:56 PM
December 2003 image
December 2003

Compatibility Issues

28 Dec 03

The site now works correctly in Internet Explorer 6 on the PC, but not 5 or 5.5. I may never get round to supporting them fully I'm afraid.

On Mac OS X, I've tested various other browsers, including Internet Explorer 5.2, Opera 6.03, Omniweb 4.5, Mozilla 1.5, Camino 0.7, Firebird 0.7, and of course Safari (both Jaguar and Panther versions). I'm happy to report that all of them have now been coaxed into working perfectly :-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Sunday at 07:50 PM
December 2003 image
December 2003

Redesign Update

27 Dec 03

Well, I think I finally got the content manager working properly for the new site. For some reason it wasn't rebuilding the site content, but it seems to be working now. Hopefully.

Anyway, this means I can now start on the cross platform CSS issues. When I eventually get that finished, I'm going to start building the rest of the site. It'll actually be good this time. Promise.

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Saturday at 04:19 AM
December 2003 image
December 2003

Redesign in progress

26 Dec 03

Please excuse the mess, I'm currently re-building the site from the ground up. Things should be back in line fairly soon. In the meantime the old site is still available.

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Friday at 08:29 PM
December 2003 image
December 2003
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