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January 2004


31 Jan 04

I've just fixed up the code of the archives pages so that they also validate as XHTML Strict, but while I was doing so I ran into some very strange behaviour from Safari. For some reason I couldn't make Moveable Type actually do anything when I tried to rebuild, it said it had rebuilt all files, but had actually done nothing at all. In the end the only solution was to rebuild the site in Mozilla. Anyone know why this is happening?

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Saturday at 07:30 PM
January 2004 image
January 2004

Other Archives (updated)

22 Jan 04

As pointed out by my uncle Stu, (or was it my cousin Daisy? I'm never sure these days...) the old site had been broken during the update. It's now fixed, so if you want to see how the site used to look, goan yersel ;-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Thursday at 01:20 AM
January 2004 image
January 2004

Launch Day

20 Jan 04

After three months of work, the website I have been designing at Scotweb has finally been launched! It's a shopping site which sells quality Scottish goods, it's called the Scotweb Store, and you can buy things from it as of today :-) I'll be posting more info about the site soon.

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Tuesday at 02:54 PM
January 2004 image
January 2004


19 Jan 04

For any of you who make use of my RSS feed, you'll be pleased to hear that I have finished building the archives section of the site.

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Monday at 10:18 AM
January 2004 image
January 2004


16 Jan 04

Apparently I had broken the site layout in Gecko-based browsers with my last update. It is now fixed. Yay!

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Friday at 01:00 PM
January 2004 image
January 2004

That's better!

12 Jan 04

Thanks to this excellent article at A List Apart, I've managed to make both sides of the page always reach the bottom of the page. Woo! Bit of a cheat really, but until CSS allows designers to specify the height of DIVs this is going to have to do :-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Monday at 08:17 PM
January 2004 image
January 2004
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