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June 2004

From the comments

25 Jun 04

I already posted this link in the comments, but in case any of you missed it, check out Holy CSS Zeldman! for the sum of all CSS knowledge :-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Friday at 06:59 PM
June 2004 image
June 2004

SEO Stuff

19 Jun 04

I was going to link just to a page which searches Google whilst showing the Google Pagerank of all the results… but then I found a whole bunch of cool tools, all to do with helping you improve your website :-)

I thought that the download speed checker was particularly cool, but there’s lots of stuff there for you budding webmasters!

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Saturday at 12:08 AM  (4 Comments)
June 2004 image
June 2004

Zelda anyone?

18 Jun 04

This new Zelda game looks really cool. Its a four player Gamecube game, and you each need a Gameboy Advance to use as a controller! Crazy I know, but…

When you duck into a building or enter a dungeon, your character disappears from the [television] screen and appears on your GBA. At that point, you’re free to run around, either trying to advance the quest or just sucking up all the treasure, depending on your temperament.

How cool? (Read the article for the full coolness) I’m a firm believer in Nintendo’s strategy actually, which is that instead of trying to create the most realistic graphics ever seen, games should actually be fun.

Huh. These days, who would have known?

However that doesn’t help me with the fact that A) I’m the only person I know with a GameCube, and B) I haven’t got a Gameboy Advance…

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Friday at 01:10 AM  (2 Comments)
June 2004 image
June 2004

Feed me tunes!

16 Jun 04

Apple do a really cool customisable RSS feed generator thing. It downloads pictures and stuff to your newsreader too, really cool for keeping up to date with stuff as they add it to the store :-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Wednesday at 09:36 PM
June 2004 image
June 2004

Dear Mr. Bank Manager,

15 Jun 04

I am writing to request that my overdraft limit be increased forthwith. I am requesting that my limit be increased as high as you will allow, as I will have large volumes of purchases to make over the coming days. weeks, months and hopefully, years. In support of my application I refer you to today’s launch of the iTunes Music Store for Europe.

I hope that you will understand that with such an easy (and cheap) way to shop for music available from within an application I have running 24 hours a day, I will not (nor should I) be able to resist the temptation to buy music on a daily, hourly, or even minute-ly basis.

Naturally, the selection of available music is not yet as impressive as the US version of the service, so I would not need the biggest overdraft you can give me. Perhaps it would be better if the limit was extended on a monthly basis as more and more songs are added to the current 700,000?

I look forward to receiving my extension.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Turnbull

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Tuesday at 08:51 PM
June 2004 image
June 2004


9 Jun 04

There’s some extremely amusing goings on over at James Turnbull’s blog. Check it out before someone erases it ;-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Wednesday at 10:03 PM
June 2004 image
June 2004

Unfounded Rumour

5 Jun 04

Well, I wouldn’t normally link to a story based on such random speculation, but I for one would be extremely pleased if the iTunes Music Store for Europe really did launch next week. Fingers crossed!

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Saturday at 12:24 PM
June 2004 image
June 2004


3 Jun 04

Looks like Stu’s started posting again. Good, ‘cos the man finds a mean link! Descend in you masses and comment liberally. Or don’t, whatever.

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Thursday at 09:27 PM  (1 Comments)
June 2004 image
June 2004

Remind you of anything?

2 Jun 04

It thought this website was a spoof… You’ll see why I thought that, but no, it’s for real! Even with a website like that!

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Wednesday at 07:56 PM  (1 Comments)
June 2004 image
June 2004

Sorry about this...

1 Jun 04

..but I’m about to link to an MSN story! Crazy I know, but this story about celebrity iTunes playlists was too amusing to pass up :-)

It has slightly altered my opinion of BeyoncĂ© however… No, wait that’s a load of rubbish. I still definitely would ;-D

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Tuesday at 08:00 PM  (3 Comments)
June 2004 image
June 2004
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