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September 2004


14 Sep 04

If you can read this, then you’re at the all new Big Blue Box. Well, actually its just the same only better. Now part of the Shreddies Networksigh ;-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Tuesday at 10:56 PM  (2 Comments)
September 2004 image
September 2004

Moving Week

13 Sep 04

I’m moving to a new web host this week, so things may not always be functioning. Hopefully have it all sorted soon!

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Monday at 09:09 AM
September 2004 image
September 2004

Classic Video Game Sound Quiz

11 Sep 04

I got a pitiful 9 out of 18 I think? Can you do any better? (requires Flash).

Worth doing just to hear the sounds though :-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Saturday at 12:41 PM  (1 Comments)
September 2004 image
September 2004

Damn Hippies

11 Sep 04

I thought it was weird that one particular post (Shreddies Tries to Make Beef) attracted nearly all of my comments spam. I get 2 or 3 posts every couple of days to this entry alone. Then I noticed that I used the words ‘Google rankings’ in that entry.

I suspect this post will be subject to the same sort of abuse now :-/

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Saturday at 12:07 PM
September 2004 image
September 2004

New game

2 Sep 04

Well I’m back up to six invites again, so I’ve decided to change my strategy. Who can collect the most invites huh?

Rangor is currently well in the lead. Anyone able to beat 22?

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Thursday at 11:29 AM  (4 Comments)
September 2004 image
September 2004


1 Sep 04

Well it appears that I’m having a little more success than some other people when it comes to giving away Gmail accounts. Only 3 left now… Again, emails to alex dot turnbull at gmail dot com to get yours!

I wonder if all these available accounts mean that Gmail is going public soon?

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Wednesday at 06:07 PM  (2 Comments)
September 2004 image
September 2004
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