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October 2004


6 Oct 04

From Urban Dictionary:

“fo shizzle ma nizzle” is a bastardization of “fo’ sheezy mah neezy” which is a bastardization of “for sure mah nigga” which is a bastdardization of “I concur with you whole heartedly my African american brother”

Read the rest of the definition fo mo funny-azz shiznit ;-)

Or take it even further and shizzolate more shit with Snoop (here’s ma shiznit ;-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Wednesday at 07:01 PM
October 2004 image
October 2004

Erm... Ooops?

3 Oct 04

It appears that I haven’t posted in so long that all of the content had fallen off the front page. Whoops! And now I have nothing to say darnit.

Hrrm. Hum-ho.

Um… Ooh! This is cool: Musicbrainz is a service which reads an ‘acoustic fingerprint’ of each of your untagged mp3 files and automagically names and tags all of your files. Its really very handy :-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Sunday at 02:37 AM  (2 Comments)
October 2004 image
October 2004
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