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March 2005

Easter 2005

27 Mar 05

No huge galleries I’m afraid, but we do have a couple of pictures online to prove we did Easter this year, despite the nasty weather!

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Sunday at 04:16 PM
March 2005 image
March 2005

Monitor question

9 Mar 05

So I have two monitors on my computer, both Mitsubishi Diamond plus 19” models, with one crucial difference. A few weeks ago I cleaned them both (with Screen Clene no less) and my secondary monitor did this:

picture of my screen, minus anti-glare coating

Arrrgggghhh!” I said. Or something to that effect anyway. I had partially removed the anti-glare coating from my screen, and now it’s a complete mess � I’ve resorted to making windows two thirds the height of that screen so I don’t have to peer through the scratches… You can see here how utterly annoying it is:

another picture of my screen, minus anti-glare coating

Anyway, I was looking into a solution tonight and came to one conclusion, I’m screwed. Basically it seems that there is no way to restore the coating. According to Sony:

The coating cannot be repaired & scratches cannot be removed. (The only cure is replacement).

And although I cannot find official word from NEC-Mitsubishi, I assume the same applies. See, screwed.

Then I had a thought, perhaps I could take the monitor to pieces and remove the anti-glare coating altogether? Sure, the monitor would be too bright, but I don’t often use it during daylight hours (because I’m usually staring at my display at work instead), and I could always adjust the brightness right?

So after a little googling I found an article enitled ‘How to clean a computer monitor’ which offered this handy tip towards the end:

Absolutely DO NOT use rubbing alchohol if you have a monitor with an anti-glare coating (anything but a really cheap or old one). It will remove the coating. I learned the hard way.


Whaddya think, should I give it a go?

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Wednesday at 09:20 PM  (9 Comments)
March 2005 image
March 2005
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