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April 2005


7 Apr 05

Well, its gone worldwide apparently.. Google Sightseeing has gone from nothing to Waxy in 14 hours. I wonder how the server’s holding up…?

Also currently popular on!

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Thursday at 11:47 PM  (1 Comments)
April 2005 image
April 2005

More Google Sightseeing

7 Apr 05

Damn, this really is a fun game. So fun that we’ve created a whole new blog for it! Check out Google Sightseeing for my latest virtual holiday snaps!

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Thursday at 08:32 AM
April 2005 image
April 2005

Sightseeing & Music

6 Apr 05

From the comments, James went to all these places:

From Waxy comes The Burning Man camp, and on a totally unrelated note, this DJ Format video is pure genius :-)

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Wednesday at 10:50 PM
April 2005 image
April 2005

Been anywhere interesting lately?

6 Apr 05

Since Google launched their new addition to Google Maps yesterday, satellite imagery of most of the USA, I’ve been doing a little sightseeing! Its fantastic.

Yesterday I went to see:

All those links can be zoomed in one level further to get a closer look. Anyone been anywhere else interesting?

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Wednesday at 08:25 AM  (2 Comments)
April 2005 image
April 2005
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