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October 2005

I'm back!

8 Oct 05

Well, believe it or not, I’ve managed to restore most of what was on this site before it got totalled by the numpties at EuroVPS. I’m now hosted alongside GGSS with dreamhost, and the experience has been great so far.

Anyway, I’m still not really going to do anything with this site - and to be honest the only reason I’ve put it back up is to maintain my position as number one on a google search for ‘alex turnbull‘…

I might migrate to wordpress though, but I needed to re-import the mysql dump before I could export for wordpress.

Why am I telling you all this? To get some content back on the front page naturally.

Posted by Alex Turnbull, Saturday at 06:21 PM  (4 Comments)
October 2005 image
October 2005
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